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Welcome to Fledging Love, a friendly community with classes for baby and parent wellbeing.

Come to one of our baby classes and join our community of parents in Bournemouth and Poole. Learn Baby Massage and Baby Yoga with us, in a friendly and relaxed environment.  Join us for some  Tummy Time & Baby Play Fun. Would you like to get to know some other new mummies? Then the New Mamma and Baby Nurturing Circle is ideal, relax and get to chat with other lovely new mummies in this lovely nurturing circle.

Are you a new parent? Come along and join us in learning some wonderfully relaxing Baby Massage techniques, to help deepen your loving bond with baby, creating your own little love bubble together.

Set over 5 weeks this is a compassionate space to bring your baby, connecting through touch as you learn new Baby Massage strokes each week.

Partners are welcome, come along and learn the beautiful art of Baby Massage together.

Deepening your connection and bond with baby, learning strokes to help relax baby, sleepy time strokes, teething strokes and congestion strokes. You will be taught a selection of both Indian and Swedish massage strokes.

We teach you a tummy and colic routine that parents say is 'amazing.' Learning strokes that you can practice throughout the day that will help relieve the symptoms of colic, wind and constipation.

This is a very relaxed and friendly class and is completely baby led.

When booking this class you will also be given a Free Session to use at a Tummy Time and Baby Play class, to have more fun with baby and meet other new parents.

Baby Massage (26)_edited.jpg
Baby Yoga Class Bournemouth and Poole

Baby Yoga is based on traditional yoga movements which have been used to improve health and wellbeing. Incorporating breathing, stretching and relaxation as used in yoga practice. As with Baby Massage, Baby Yoga can help to settle babies and improve their sleep patterns, reducing crying and emotional distress.

Each week we incorporate Baby Massage techniques along with baby Yoga  movements, so that you can benefit from both Baby Massage and Baby Yoga. We have extended this class to 55 minutes. The first 30 minutes will be floor based massage strokes and baby yoga movements and songs. The final 25 minutes will be time for baby to explore the lovely sensory toys while mum/dad have a well deserved cuppa and biscuits and a chance to have a chat with the other parents.

If you are a new mummy and would like to come along and join a friendly, welcoming, supportive community, with other new mummies, then do come along and join us. Being a new mum can bring up so many emotions, and sometimes it can feel a little scary and overwhelming. This is probably the biggest change to have happened in your lifetime. Struggling with lack of sleep, juggling life with a newborn, you need the support of others in those early days. This is a safe, friendly, non judgemental space. Come along just as you are and feel welcomed, chat to other new mums and share your experiences in the group. if your feeling lonely, this is the space to come and feel connected, build friendships and be part of our community. We finish each session with a guided meditation, so both you and your baby feel relaxed. Drinks and biscuits are served in class.

Sleepy Baby
Tummy Time (12)_edited.jpg

Tummy Time and Baby Play is an exclusive new class, with different themes every week, promoting tummy time fun. You'll have lots of fun and get ideas for tummy time play that you can do at home, helping your baby develop and have fun together. This class allows baby to explore the various toys and sensory equipment, enjoying tummy time play at their pace. We do a little singing within each session, with a few baby yoga songs and movements, helping babies develop their core muscles and aiding speech and language development. Tummy time promotes bonding and attachment through an opportunity to play and connect together.

This is a very social class, come along and meet other new parents and enjoy a hot drink and biscuits while you have a chat with other parents and have fun with baby.

Join this Hygge class and experience the danish concept centred around the simple moments of life, in joy and appreciation. This is a perfect class for you and your unborn baby. It is deeply nurturing, helping you connect and bond with baby. It is good for mental health and promotes happiness.

Building community and friendships in the group, sharing your pregnancy journey with other mums to be.                                    
Relaxation, guided meditations and breathing techniques, helping you connect with baby. 


Bumps and Babies in Nature is a class for parents to be and parents with babies to come together in nature. One of the great benefits of being in nature is that is stimulates our senses. For babies this an amazing experience into things that are new and unknown, making these discoveries so exciting and giving the opportunity to create connected experiences with nature. This class is not available through the winter months and will be back again in the Spring.

Bumps and Babies in Nature Bournemouth and Poole
Hypnobirthing (2).jpg

In this class you will learn all about birth, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions about the type of birth you would like. We will teach you breathing techniques to relax the body and mind. You will learn how hypnosis works and will be able to listen to positive affirmations everyday and calm birth meditation scripts. Giving you the knowledge that you need to feel in control of your birth and allowing you a calm birthing experience.

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We offer two different mindful breastfeeding groups one for antenatal support, helping to teach you all you need to know about breastfeeding and give you the support from pregnancy right the way through to those first days and weeks after birth. We also offer a postnatal mindful breastfeeding support group, so that you can come along and get ongoing support after baby’s birth, coming together each week to share our breastfeeding journey, make friends, feel supported and  allowing you time to relax with baby.

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