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New Mamma & Baby Nurturing Circle

Come and join us in our New Mamma & Baby Nurturing Circle in Bournemouth and Poole

Motherhood is one of the biggest changes that will happen to us in our lives, it can feel exciting and also pretty scary and overwhelming at times. We all need a village, a group to take care of us and listen. a place to come exactly as the mother you are right now. A place to feel welcomed, to talk, be heard, to listen, to reflect and know that you are enough.

The circle is the place to celebrate the beautiful woman and mother you are. You are no longer invisible, this is a safe, non judgemental space. Chat to other new mums and share your experiences in this group.

Newborn Baby

Being a new mum can bring up lots of different emotions, struggling with lack of sleep, juggling life with a newborn, you need the support of others in these early days. Coming along to a nurturing circle gives you the opportunity to meet other new mums, who are experiencing the same challenges.

If your feeling lonely, want to make friends with other new mums, then this is the space for you to come and feel connected, build friendships and be part of our community. We close each circle with a relaxing meditation, helping you and your baby to feel relaxed.

Newborn Baby
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