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Baby Yoga Classes

Come and join us at our fun and relaxing Baby Yoga Classes for Bournemouth and Poole.

Baby yoga is based on traditional yoga movements, used to improve health and wellbeing. Incorporating breathing, stretching and relaxation as used in yoga practice. Baby yoga sessions include massage and songs to relax and captivate baby’s attention, increasing the fun. This is a fun session to share with baby, helping them feel relaxed and enjoy quality time with mummy or daddy. This is a perfect play activity because it stimulates all of baby's senses, provides gentle and beneficial exercise, helps keep baby's body in balance, stimulates circulation and encourages relaxation. Massaging over clothes for relaxation, singing lots of fun songs while we practice baby yoga movements.

Baby Yoga Bournemouth and Poole

Baby yoga shares some benefits with baby massage, it eases digestion as stretches can help relieve colicky pains and wind. The movements in Baby Yoga complement the movements in Baby Massage. A combination of both provides the infants digestive system with a high degree of support. As with baby massage, baby yoga can help to settle babies and improve their sleep patterns, reducing crying and emotional distress.

The main difference compared to baby massage is that baby yoga stimulates baby’s senses, through a variety of different stimulus: movement, touch, songs and stretching.

Benefits for You and Your Baby

Benefits for Parents:

  • Special time with baby.

  • Gentle stretching to encourage the body to heal after pregnancy and boost wellbeing.

  • Learn breathing and relaxation techniques for use at home.

  • Learn soothing and calming techniques for your baby.

  • Learn more about baby and encourage communication between you.

  • Make friends and feel supported.

Benefits for Baby:

  • Help relieve colic and help unsettled babies relax.

  • Meet early developmental needs of the baby through touch, movement, sight, and sound.

  • Develop flexibility, encourage postural control, and increase body awareness.

  • May help improve feeding, sleeping, and settling patterns.

  • Promotes tummy time and active play for baby.

  • Helps baby to move from reflex to voluntary movements.

  • Swings and dips help to develop baby’s body awareness, coordination, and balance.

  • The use of songs helps to develop baby’s sense of rhythm and promotes language development and communication between parent and baby.

  • Improves baby’s sense of balance, helping back and neck muscles.

  • Enhances left and right brain connections.

  • It’s fun.

Benefits for both Parents and Baby:

  • Can enhance the bonding process.

  • It helps the release of oxytocin and endorphins (feel good hormones) in both parent and baby and encourages relaxation and wellbeing.

Baby Yoga Class
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