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Mindful Breastfeeding Support

Come and join us for Mindful Breastfeeding Support in Bournemouth and Poole.

We offer two different mindful breastfeeding groups one for antenatal support and one for postnatal support, helping to teach you all you need to know about breastfeeding and give you the support from pregnancy right the way through to those first days and weeks after birth. We explain how breastfeeding works, giving you the much-needed information and guidance before birth and then we are here to support you once baby is born. We also offer a postnatal mindful breastfeeding support group,

Mindful Breastfeeding Support Bournemouth and Poole

so that you can come along and get ongoing support after baby’s birth. Mindful breastfeeding is both a breastfeeding and motherhood programme, coming together each week to share our breastfeeding journey. It can feel quite overwhelming to have a newborn and this group allows you to connect with yourself and your baby in a safe non-judgemental space, allowing you to get to know other parents and being supported on your parenting journey. You will receive breastfeeding support, relaxation techniques and mindful breastfeeding moments. This is a very friendly and welcoming class allowing you time to relax with baby. Refreshments and biscuits are served during the sessions.

Antenatal Mindful Breastfeeding Support

The antenatal mindful support course is set over 3 sessions or 2 sessions for those that have come along after completing a Hypnobirthing course with us.

We will talk about breastfeeding and your own thoughts on the subject, building up a picture of infant feeding.

Finding out about how breastfeeding works, from Colostrum to mature milk. We will look at the anatomy of the breast and discuss what is normal with regards to feeding in the early hours and days after birth. Talking about baby’s latch and how to help baby get a good latch, you can watch videos to see what a good latch looks like. We will also discuss safe sleeping options, Baby wearing and Following Your Instincts. We provide relaxation MP3’s  and listen to relaxation scripts in class, helping you with your relaxation techniques to help with your breastfeeding journey.

Postnatal Mindful Breastfeeding Support

Fledgling Love Mindful Breastfeeding Support

This is a 6-week breastfeeding support and Motherhood Programme, helping you to settle into breastfeeding and your new life.

In this class we will discuss what you are loving and what are you finding hard? Signposting you to any relevant professionals if you have concerns. What has surprised you most about parenthood? Discussing your breastfeeding journey with other new parents, coming together each week to discuss any challenges and share your breastfeeding achievements. Within the class we will learn relaxation techniques to help us on our breastfeeding journey.

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