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Tummy Time and Sensory Fun

Come and join us for Tummy Time and Sensory Fun in Bournemouth and Poole

Tummy Time is important for your baby’s development as it helps strengthen the core muscles of the neck, back and shoulders. Tummy time allows baby to practice their gross motor skills, the ability to move their whole body. By stretching and moving on their tummy, baby will strengthen their back,

shoulder, and neck muscles, helping to improve their coordination in readiness for being able to roll, sit and crawl. Tummy time helps to promote baby’s visual, motor, and sensory development. As baby moves and their weight shifts, they gain a sense of body awareness. Positioning baby differently helps

Tummy Time and Sensory Fun Bournemouth and Poole

develop their movement and balance. Tummy time also helps hand-eye coordination, by being able to look down at their hands baby can see how they move and what they can do. As they strengthen the back, neck and shoulder muscles, baby will be able to track toys, noises and faces, begin to move hands forward to reach for toys and begin to push themselves up onto their hands with straight elbows.

Fledgling Love Tummy Time and Sensory Fun

Sensory fun activates and stimulates baby’s senses, helping to build nerve connections in the brains pathways, stimulating neutrons in the brain to make connections. Each week we will have a selection of Tummy Time and Sensory toys and equipment for baby to explore, creating lots of developmental play and fun for baby. We also enjoy some singing at the end of each session and add in some fun baby yoga movements for baby along with swing and dip songs, helping strengthen baby’s core muscles, aiding speech and language development and having lots of fun together.

This is a very relaxed and friendly class, refreshments and biscuits are served during class, giving parents the chance to build friendships and share their parenting journey together.

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